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My name is Joyce Beasley, and I am a teacher. I have been in teaching all my working life, and have 40 years experience in the profession. I was a primary headteacher for 23 years, (the youngest ever to be appointed in Derbyshire!) and then, in 1998, when I finally hung up my mortar board, I began to think what I could do.

It didn’t take long to decide that I would become a tutor. I signed up with an agency, and started off with just one or two pupils. This began to increase, until I was teaching every day. I realised how much I was enjoying the experience of teaching on a one to one basis, but, more importantly, how much the children were gaining, as well. It was, and still is, immeasurably rewarding to see nervous children with low self-esteem beginning to blossom, when they find that they can understand things that they have never understood before, and to hear from their mums how much they enjoy coming for their lesson. That joy has never left me, and I can honestly say that I love teaching just as much as ever I did, and to help children and young people reach their potential feels as good as it ever did.

In 2005, I decided that I would start up my own tutoring company, and so Poynton Tutorials was born. We began with three tutors and about 15 children on the books, now we have 24 tutors and over 100 students. I am very proud of what we have achieved, and the results we get – for example, we have, for something like the 6th year running, had 100% pass success for the Common Entrance Exams to the Independent Schools (Stockport Grammar, The King’s School, Cheadle Hulme School, etc) We also have our GCSE successes, too, helping students such as Mary come up from a level D to an A in Sociology, and equally good results in Maths and English.

I intend to build on our successes, and I also intend to share some of the experience and expertise I have acquired during my many years of teaching with others, via our website. I have turned my attention to writing about some of the things that I find crop up over and over again with pupils – times tables, apostrophes, handwriting-but I have also tried to share some of the techniques, strategies and tips that I have used with my pupils, and that I know work.

I shall be writing about many different areas of the work we do, in the coming weeks, so I hope you will revisit the site, and, hopefully, find something to interest you!