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Student Showcase
Our students often produce thoughtful and sensitive pieces of writing for us, or for their coursework at school. These usually disappear into a large hole, somewhere, never to be seen again!
I personally feel that many of these pieces of work are too good to be treated in this way, and so I am starting up a “Showcase Page” on our website, where we can share these excellent  essays and articles with the wider public. This is also designed to give the students a feeling of pride in their work, and to encourage them.

Work will be displayed by all our students, from the youngest seven-year olds to the oldest sixteen–year olds, and beyond!
If you would like to leave a comment on our Facebook wall , I’m sure the children would be delighted!
Grandad's Diary
Leaving Home
My Trip to School
The Organ Key Played at the Royal Wedding
"FREEDOM" by Luke Edwards
"OF MICE AND MEN" by John Steinbeck