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Congratulations to all our pupils (Common Entrance Exams)
Congratulations to all our pupils who sat the Common Entrance Exams in January this year. The good news is that everyone has passed, giving us a 100% pass rate for something like the eighth year running. (Are you interested in putting your child in for these exams next year? If so, read my article, ‘ How to Pass the Grammar School Exams on our website.)

Congratulations also to our GCSE students, who have done very well too, in recent exams and re-sits. This includes Mary, who got a D in Sociology at her first attempt, but after some assistance from one of our tutors, achieved an A grade.

Last Year’s German students did exceptionally well, all achieving ‘A’s or ‘A’* and benefitting from being taught by a tutor who is German herself. The comments from parents speak for themselves:

“You are Olivia’s German Angel, and I wish we’d known about you earlier!”

“You have improved Jack’s grade and built up his confidence. I really appreciate the support you have given him, most especially in motivating and supporting him in coursework, and in organising and structuring his exam preparation. Without your help, he simply couldn’t have done it.”