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Key Stage 2 SATs

That time will soon be upon us again!! Key Stage 2 SATs begin on Monday 9th May, and last for four days. The problem is, the Easter holidays this year have turned out to be quite a mish-mash, and this will affect primary schools taking the tests.

The main issue is the holiday pattern itself, which varies from one authority to another. Stockport schools finish for the holidays on Friday 8th April, whilst Cheshire schools finish on 14th April.

This is complicated by the extra Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding, followed by May Day. We always used to take the SATs tests during the week before the half term Spring Bank Holiday, but now, they have been moved to the beginning of the month.

This means that Year 6 pupils will have very little time during April to work on areas where they feel lacking in confidence. They will be on holiday, one way or another, during most of April, and will have just 6 days before the tests begin.

Please try not to worry about these tests. This is easy for me to say, knowing, as I do, that some children get so worked up about them, they are physically sick on the morning of the first test. However, as a parent, keep reassuring them, and encourage them to simply do their best.

You can buy CGP packs of sample tests at WH Smith or Waterstones, if you want them to do some practice during the holidays. You can also download past papers for free on the website st-josephs-pickering. Most importantly, make sure they know their tables, because if they don’t, they are going to be at a real disadvantage. Make it fun, but practise, practise, practise!! You can also give them mental maths problems to do, as there is a 20 question timed Mental Maths test included in SATs, and many quite bright children come a cropper here, because they can’t work out the answers quickly enough.

Also, please encourage them to read. I see so many children who cannot do comprehension, because they never read books. They are, therefore, unable to extract the information from the passages they read, and have poor vocabularies. Discuss what they have read with them, and take an interest in their books.

Most importantly, relax, have fun and enjoy the holiday!!!