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The Organ Key Played at the Royal Wedding

This piece was written by Raabiah Qureshi, aged 11, as part of a project ahe had to do for school. It is exactly as she wrote it

At 11 o-clock this morning all of the nation watched Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchange vows.  Everyone was very excited especially the Organ Key.  The Organ Key was interviewed this morning.

 Interviewer:  I heard you were very happy this morning to be played by Robert Quinney at the Royal Wedding with your family.

 The Organ Key:  I was over the moon.  Well my family have been part of the Westminster Abbey Organ for over a century now.  But I started to be played after Princess Diana's Wedding and to be played at her eldest's son's wedding was an honour.

 Interviewer:  Did you like Catherine's dress or now I should say Duchess of Cambridge.

 The Organ Key:  I loved Catherine's Dress I loved the 'delicate' veil and lots of  'intricate' lace made the dress stand out.

 Interviewer:  What was the best memory of this morning.

 The Organ Key:  When Catherine walked down the isle and Robert Quinney played 'Here comes the Bride' and I was the first key he touched.  I was just so happy.  As I am the youngest in my family I always don't get played as much but today I did.

 Interviewer:  Tell me about the wedding because from where you were sitting you could see all of it.

 The Organ Key:  I saw the Queen walking down the isle in her yellow dress and matching shoes.  I saw Prince Phillip walk down the isle in his red uniform.  When the Queen and Prince Phillip arrived they arrived nearly the same time as Prince Charles and Camilla.  Prince Charles kissed his mother and Prince Phillip kissed Camilla.  Then Camilla curtsied to the Queen.  Which I thought was a nice greeting.  I saw David Cameron with his wife, who looked very elegant I saw Nick Clegg and his wife who looked very pretty with her hat.  I even saw David Beckham and his wife Victoria.  I loved the choir, they were outstanding.  There were three boys standing next to each other they all had the same length of hair and they all had glasses which I thought was quite funny because they looked like triplets. 

 Interviewer:  Weren't you sick of the noise around you?

 The Organ Key:  Yes I was but I wasn't really bothered I was trying to shut the noise out of my head so I could enjoy the rest of the wedding.

 Interviewer:  Was there any funny bits you would like to share with us?

 The Organ Key:  Prince William couldn't get the ring onto Catherine's finger which was funny.  I also though it was funny the way Prince Harry and Phillipa (Catherine's sister) walked together behing Kate and William, they talked as they walked and it seemed to me as if they were a couple.  I thought at that point in time it would be lovely if they got married as well.  They seemed so happy together.

 Interviewer:  Give me an overall view of it all.  How was it different from an ordinary wedding?  What will you remember about this wedding for the rest of your life?

 The Organ Key:  Well - I liked the fact that all the crowd within the Abbey were all very important people.  I also saw many Kings and Queens of other countries like the Queen of Denmark who was looking very beautiful.  I don't remember other faces but I remember her.  I also heard that there were hundreds of thousands of people outside.  I wished that I could have gone out to see that.  I don't know how different it was from an ordinary wedding because I am part of Westminster Abbey's Organ and I have not seen an ordinary wedding.  I will remember always how beautiful Kate looked and also the small bride's maids.  They all looked very pretty.  Above all I will always feel honoured that I was part of this from the start to finish.  (sic)