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My Trip to School


My Trip to school 

Once there was a snow blizzard.  Some children were struggling to get into school because of the thick snow. 

When the blizzard stopped I looked out of the window and I saw a blanket of snow.  We had to stay inside.  By the time break was over it was snowing again and it looked like a Winter Wonderland. 

We had to do some lessons but we didn’t do our lessons because our teacher was sick and it was the last day of term. 

We watched a movie it was Happy Feet and next door was Cars.  Then it was lunch. 

“Look,” I said to my friends, “It’s snowing,” I shouted “and we’re allowed to play outside.  We better hurry up before the end of play.”  

We ran outside and then there was a snow blizzard.  We went in because the snow was belting down and it was too slippery!    


By Emily Davies - 8 years old