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Our Grammar School Results and How We Achieve Them


Congratulations to all our students who have passed the Common Entrance Exams for the Independent Schools. We had 100% pass success yet again, with pupils passing for Withington Girls' School, Cheadle Hulme School, Stockport Grammar, Alderley Edge School for Girls, Loreto, The King's School and Manchester Grammar School. One of our pupils has been offered a special scholarship by one of the schools, because of her outstanding results.


What do we do to achieve this? The first thing to do is to give the prospective entrant an assessment. This very quickly tells us whether the child has a good chance of passing or not. It soon becomes obvious, as the lessons progress, whether the child is capable of success or not, and we will always be honest about this.


We work with the Bond Assessment Books as these, in my opinion, provide an excellent grounding in the work needed to pass the exam. Ideally, the child will start twelve months before the exams, and begin with the Bond Books 9 -10 years. The three books they will need are English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. We work our way through these until the middle to late summer, and then we move onto the 10 - 11+ years books. Along with these papers, we tutor the applicants in story writitng, as many children simply do not know how to construct a story, and this section can make a very important difference to the final marks.


Some schools also ask for Non-verbal Reasoning, (Trafford schools and Cheadle Hulme) and these need to be practised as well, as they are unlike anything the children wuill have met before. We do have some past papers from some of the schools, which we use nearer to the time of the exam. As soon as you register your child officially with  the grammar school/s of your choice, they will send you a copy of their 'sample paper'. Each school now only releases one of these, so do not write in it! I give the child the past paper to work through in September, and then work with the child to show them how to do the ones they got wrong. I then re-test in December, to see how their marks hve improved, and also to get an idea of where they might still need some help. We also continue working through the Bond Papers, and by this time, the child should be working through a minimum of four tests a week. I always ask parents to mark the tests that the child does at home, putting an asterisk next to the ones that the child struggled with, so that I can get straight into the teaching. Marking papers is not an effective use of my time, as the hour's tuition flies past, and there is so much to get through!


When taking the grammar school entrance exams, children will have to learn maths which is beyond what is taught in the National Curriculum. The grammar schools themselves always say that they follow the NC, but the levels are harder than the ones they meet in school. This is why children need plenty of practice, and time to assimilate all the new things they have to learn.


If you would like your child to sit a grammar school exam, then get in touch with me. I am happy to discuss all the options with you, and give you my advice. I have been working with grammar school entrants for over twelve years now, and I have considerble experience with all aspects. If you do decide to go down this path, make sure that you allow enough time to cover the work. Every year, someone comes along at the last minute,  usually a few weeks before the exam,  wanting lessons. This is a very busy time of year for us, and it is very difficult to fit someone in at the last minute. Also, please discuss this with your child. I have had, on more than one occasion, a child pull out of doing the exam because it isn't what they wanted; they want to go to the local high school with their friends, and this can cause a graet deal of stress and tension within the family.


Working for the grammar scool exams is never wasted, because it will stand the child in good stead when it comes to the Key Stage 2 SATs in May. These have now become very important, as secondary schools grade their Year 7 pupils according to SATs results.  


The dates for the Entrance Exams for all the grammar schools are given elsewhere on our website. I hope this information proves useful to you. Please get in touch if I can help you in any way. 01625 858169